To date “Vikos ltd.” is the unique enterprise within the territory of Ukraine, introducing a new branch of the prepared wash business such as automatic car wash self-service complexes (autowashes), getting a wide distribution in all Europe countries, which comes to us just now.

  We offer to everyone who is ready to go keeping ahead the market highly remunerative car wash business.

  Our integrated solutions are:
- car wash design;
- equipment manufacturing for automatic car wash service;
- assembly and installation;
- sale and service of automatic car wash self-service.

  Automatic car wash self-service is new business for our region but conception is in an equal degree attractive both for the professionals of wash business and beginners in this sphere.
  Automatic car washes self-service are installed at shopping centres, auto service centres, parking places, fuel stations, parking on the highways are only some of forms of their application.
  Be supported by the experience of the functioning Automatic car wash self-service in Russia (Armovir), Belgium (Lokeren), active posts of Automatic car wash self-service in Ukraine (Kiev) and also new Automatic car wash self-service in Rivne (Ukraine), we are assured in high potential of this type of carwash business, its financial indicators and importance at our market.

 We offer you to become the proprietor of the highly remunerative automatic car wash self-service!