New service at the carwash market

New branch of the carwash market untapped in Ukraine, but have a large experience in Europe.

Rapid time to value

Round-the-clock work of automatic carwash self-service provides rapid time of value from 18 to 30 months depends on the amount of car wash self-service posts and the location.

High profitability

On buying the client a new service at the automatic carwash self-service your profit is 60-70%.

Minimum costs

Lease of earth is a % of the turnover.
Salary is a % of the turnover.
Consumable materials are the % of the turnover.
Communal charges are the % of the turnover.

Absence of personnel

Provide for automatic carwash self-service complex work it's needed one administrator for the slugs sale, consultation of clients, cleaning up the territory.

Deficiency of consumer dissatisfaction

There are not objections and complaints from clients, as the service they buy is done themselves.

There is no leakage

It is common knowledge that at any business the factor of "stealing" is present from the side of personnel; in this case you get 100% control of process due to complete carwash self-service complex.