Determining the locations of carwash self-service and the number of wash posts, it is necessary to take into account the followings indexes: there are 5000 habitants of settlement at one automatic carwash self-service post, from one to other automatic carwash self-service optimum distance no less than 5 km. The availability of other washes (hand, portal) does not have influence.
The carrying capacity of automatic carwash self-service makes up to 8 cars per hour at one post.
On the average person washes his car for 12-20 times per a year. According to the amount of the registered cars in town (district) it is possible to define the amount of target carwash complex clients.


The time needed to wash one car at the carwash self-service equal to 5-10 minutes.
Consumption of chemical facilities, water, and energy of carwash self-service complex equals to 20-25% of service fee for a client.
Including the wages of guard-consultant expense side will be 30-40%.
In summary such correlation of profits-expenditure will allow to charge a price of 1 minute as about 0,25-0,35 dollar and wash for a client will cost 2-3 dollars. Such price enables to elevate the competition ability and simultaneously will provide the high profit of automatic carwash self-service.

Service fee

The timely performance of all carwash self-service constructional work, during the normal organization of a build production, makes 8-12 weeks.
The timely performances of design works, with the receipt of all concordances and permissions with connecting to the water supply networks, sewage system, energy supply, depend on local terms and can be considerable (at in relation to little money costs on a project as compared to general expenses on automatic car wash organization).
In capacity of additional services at carwash self-service it is possible to place the vacuum cleaner self-service.
The installation of compressor inflation of tires or point of salon dry-cleaning, for example, a cafe does not bring a substantial profit, but requires substantial investments.


The followings terms have influence on the maximal and minimum profit of automatic carwash self-service:
- it is a location next to the places of residence or haunted automobilists' points;
- it is a comfort for the client of entrance to the automatic car wash self-service;
- it is an organizational chart of motion at wash and its arrangement;
- it is the correctly organized advertizing campaign.

Return on investment