Investing in carwash self-service is a sophisticated and protracted process.
  Clear planning of investments "step-by-step" substantially accelerates a process and helps to avoid errors, related to the passing expenses.
  Our practical experience and professionalism will save your time and money.

 Simplified chart of investing process:

Idea Consultation Examination Conception

1. Idea about investing

2. Meeting and consultation with our representative

3. Examination of ground planned for car was

4. Discussion of conception, sizes and car wash model

Projects Equipment Opening Remote control

5. Projects execution and licensing system

6. Construction works under the direction of our engineers, setting of framework and equipment

7. Start and opening of car wash self-service

8. Remote control of car wash self-service

  Collaboration with our company is not closed on the start of car wash self-service. We are aimed at a long-term collaboration:
- consultation and tuning according to the requirements of car wash;
- providing with all necessary consumable materials and components;
- warranted and post-warranty service of automatic car wash self-service complex.