“Vikos ltd.” is one of few enterprises which has a service working 24 hours in a day in all territory of Ukraine, providing round-the-clock control after all automatic car wash self-service complexes produced by our company. Consulting interests of our clients and for supporting of the name we permanently work our services to be done on the highest level.
 “Vikos ltd.” is a manufacturing enterprise. It allows us to have a permanent access to duplicates, to have all essential components for rapid and high-quality maintenance of all automatic car wash self-service complexes in storage.
  There are 10 highly skilled specialists at our office service, having a large experience and professional knowledge that allows providing services answering the requirements of our clients.
  In order to organize departure of employment service, delivery the components and other tasks that have to be done swiftly and reliably qualitatively, we have our car park.

Carwash Self-Service