(touch-free washing)

Carwash Selfservice

The touch-free automatic carwash self-service appeared comparatively recently, because of the development of powerful cleansers on the basis of modern surface-active material and special additions, increasing washing ability, getting the name active foam. Active foam is measured out the custom device (with the adherence proportion dosage) and given in a high-pressure pump. Through a pipeline and foamy spear it lies down as «snow cap» on a car. When ingress on a surface the active foam reacts with dirt, fats, and absorbs them. Technology of the touch-free foamy automatic carwash self-service is devoid of the deficiency of surface's microdamages. Today only a few equipment makers for automatic carwash self-service can offer this technology.

(touch-free washing)

Carwash self-service

In that case it's used a principle of preliminary dissolution of powder in the special tank with warm water; powder is given through a measuring device. From the tank water, more precisely, cleaning solution enters pump, than with high pressure pass through a hose to a pistol with a spear. Visually it looks like a soapy liquid that gets on the varnish-and-paint coverage with high pressure. For a high-quality result it is necessary to black out the gaps while washing the basket by a stream from a spear (with application of blend powder), in these places dirt will remain. Time which must be expended in car washing in this program (powder washing) sufficiently great, from 10 minutes about 5-7 it is necessary to expend in this program.

(touch washing)

Carwash selfservice

The touch method of automatic carwash selfservice is carried out by the serving of washing material (shampoo dissolved in water by a measuring device) through a hose with a pistol in the end with a brush on the car surface. Quality of the washed car depends on your ability to move a brush on the varnish-and-paint coverage. After this process the car have to be swilled with high pressure in order to wash off the shampoo tails, sand, fats and other contaminations. The lack of this method is a damage of varnish-and-paint coverage from a contact with a brush. As practice shows a brush by no means always is in good condition; and speaks plainly, all the sand and dirt gather on the bristle brush.