Module carwash self-service

  Module type of carwash self-service is made on the basis of pre-fabricated construction (framework of wash) and technical module that includes equipment and management wash.
  The feature of the module carwash self-service consists in all equipment to be arranged in technological cabinet. There is interconnection of water, chemistry serves at wash posts.
  In such alternate design every technical module serves two washing posts and it arranged between the posts. Amount of wash posts - 2 - 10.
  The stands of selection of the programs are arranged directly in the technical module (they can be arranged optionally separately).
  Also the technical module can be arranged in an apartment. When there is one technical module in apartment, it can serve till three automatic carwash self-service posts.
  Complex of the car wash self-service with the covered washes post with the width 5m and length 6m is intended for car wash of touch-free technology TOUCH LESS to 2.7m height, and with the opened post to 4.2m in a height.

Carwash Self-Service Carwash Self-Service
It’s made with stainless steel.
Partitions are flowed, polycarbonate or vinyl.
A roof is polycarbonate.
It's made with a metal covered hot zinc-plating, facing by aluminium composite panels.
Facing by aluminium composite panels.
Roof is of profiled flooring.
Equipment at the post is consist of:
- a stand of choice of the programs with token receiver
-double turning cantilever 360°
-foam pistol
-high pressure pistol
-lighting (autonomous)
-anti-frost system (option)
- floor heating (in winter time)

It is set in a carwash self-service:

External equipment(external at every post):
- a stand of programs choice:
•   the stainless boxing
•   a button block of the wash programs choice (from three to seven programs of wash)
•   token or note receivers
•   an informative board
- a pistol with high pressure for wash of black car (does not use the program Foam)
- a foamy pistol for the use only of the program «Foam» (dark blue color)
- the suspended stainless console -double
- highway of high and low pressure, pneumatic highway.

Internal equipment:
- a stainless frame
- electronic control assembly of the wash
- a high pressure knot (high pressure pomp and electromotor)
- a collector with electronic valves
- the «BY-PASS» system
- metering mechanism of cleansers
- setting of water softening
- reverse osmosis

* It's needed the knot of water heating. It doesn't supply in a complete because the method of water heating is determined in every specific occasion.
Size of post: 5m x 6m
The Site area 1 post: 170m2
Electric power/post: 8kVt
Water consumption: 12l/min
Car wash pressure: 40-120bar
Car wash programs: from 3-8 (7-8 option)
Water flow in an hour: 0,9m3
Water flow in a day: 4m3
*on the basis of one wash post
• A vehicle for the sale-exchange of tokens
• Video monitoring
• Hand wash stand
• Vacuum cleaner self-service
• Carpets' cleaning
• Option programs
- Disks' washing
- Disposal of insects