Principle of automatic carwash self-service complexes organization is based on providing the clients equipment for the car attendance installed on the special platform.
  In consequence of the staff deficiency and high work automation at the automatic carwash self-service posts the prices are below than at the classic carwash. In addition, because of the client executes all the procedure in carwash and drying such approach provides attraction not only for economical owner-drivers and for drivers who wish to wash down his car qualitatively and delicately.
  These typesí automatic carwash self-service complexes are created on the base of structural elements of pre-fabricated constructions.
  With such approach the equipment customers have the opportunity to make both autowash construction and awning in single style.
  The number of automatic carwash self-service posts is limited in according to customer wishes and land plot area.
  The installations for multioperator automatic car washes self-service are executed in different versions.
  Depending on specific terms and accessible areas they allow equipping the carwash self-service complexes with different carrying capacity and productivity.

Carwash Self-Service